TABITHA DAY 3rd Edition,2018

Economic security, health and disability, and living conditions in old age are policy concerns throughout the world, but the nature of the problems differs considerably from continent to continent and between and within countries. In industrialized countries, old age support comes to a great extent from large public or private pension and health systems. By contrast, throughout most of the developing world, like BURUNDI, providing support for older people is still primarily a family responsibility.

Traditionally in sub-Saharan Africa, the main source of support has been the household and family, supplemented in many cases by other informal mechanisms, such as kinship networks and mutual aid societies. That’s why our organization has come in to relieve the burden on families most of which are unable to provide Christmas for their elder ones and for orphans. This was the annual Event organized per year to support those people in need.

On 28th December 2018, it was the 3rd Edition of Tabitha Day organized by Tabitha Christian Association under the leadership of its President, NDIHOKUBWAYO Jimmy and the whole team of volunteers  reached out to these elderly ones without anyone to care for them and the vulnerable kids.

Tabitha Christian Association showered them with new wrappers, clothing, food items, and other Christmas gifts for VULNERABLE KIDS!

A chicken party with 97 kids was made during the morning and the whole afternoon we were with 41 widows. Thank you for your support. We ate, drunk with kids and smiled with the elders.

Here are some of the pictures of Tabitha Day 3rd Edition.

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